Frequently Asked question

1 - Are individual strings available ?

All Savarez strings, in all tensions, are available individually thus allowing guitarists to create the combination that works best on their instrument and also to replace only those strings that wear out first.

So you should be able to buy any single Savarez strings from your music shop.

2 - What do « rectified » and « non-rectified » mean with regard to Savarez treble strings ?

Rectified treble strings :

Taking advantage of our experience in polishing gut strings, we created the rectified plain nylon treble strings for guitar.

We experimented with several technologies before coming up with the most sophisticated and accurate one : our centerless grinding machine.

We are the only manufacturer using such an advanced technology to make strings, and have been improving it for more than 50 years. All our traditional strings - Red, Yellow and White cards - are produced this way.

The result on such rectified strings is :

Non-rectified treble strings :

The process is particularly adapted to treble strings.
Non-rectified treble strings are precision extruded to produce a perfect gauge and shape.
In a second phase, we control each point of every string using Savarez’s exclusive hightech machi nery controlled by laser detectors and photoelectric cells.

The result of our technological advances is perfect intonation.

Cristal, Alliance HT Classic, Alliance Corum and New Cristal Corum sets are produced this way.

3 - How did you develop composite fiber for use as guitar strings ?

Alliance KF strings are made of a synthetic material that is not nylon but belongs to the composite family.

After discovering that the Alliance KF material could be used to improve guitar strings, we worked through the complex processes necessary to give it the characteristics desired in top quality strings.

The worldwide success of the Alliance KF strings has been due to our continual commitment to advancing and refining the production of the best possible classical guitar strings.

4 - Is it common practice to mix Savarez strings from different tensions or different types ?

Concerning the choice of the string tension on the guitar, our recommendation is to use the same tension for all three basses. The tension can be different on trebles and basses. Usually the combination that works the best is high tension for the basses and standard normal tension for the trebles.

It is also quite possible to mix high and normal tension on the trebles (for example : G3 high, B2 normal, E1 normal), and mix Alliance and New Cristal (for example : Alliance G3 and Alliance B2, New Cristal E1).

The ideal combination depends on the particular instrument and on the personal taste, playing style and technique of the individual player. The choice that Savarez offers to guitarists covers many different possibilities of optimizing the match of player to strings and guitar.

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